Ezra Cannon is our person of the week because we never officially welcomed him to the club. There’s no certificate, dangle, or hazing for him. Just smiles and "we’re glad you’re here”, because Ezra always has a big smile for everyone.

This week we’ve got Bob Price and Gail Eastling to make us smile on the dance floor. We hope you’ll come on down to Square Heels.

Cort & Ellen, Club Secretary
Square Heels Schedule for October and beyond (things can change)
Oct 18    Bob Price caller and Gail Eastling
Oct 25    Marty Northrup caller and Jim Adcock cuer
Nov 1     Jimmy Roberson caller and Jim Adcock cuer—FRIGHT NIGHT!
Nov 8     Bob Price caller and Jim Adcock cuer
Nov 15   Patty Greene caller and Jim Adcock cuer
Nov 22   Bob Price caller and Jim Adcock cuer
Nov 29   Thanksgiving Friday weekend no dance

SH class members can check out the Call Review List here.

You can find out who’s scheduled to call at Square Heels each week throughout 2019 hereWe charge guests $6 per person for dancing—the fun and friendship are included at no charge!