Dancers--Just a few more days until Square Heels' fabulous Holiday Dinner & Dance on December 13th!


SH provides turkey and ham. Diane & Bob and Joan & Mike are baking the turkeys! Esther & Daniel are baking the ham! Cathy P has promised to provide her legendary dressing! Everyone else...bring your favorite dishes--salads, veggies (cooked or raw), side dishes, casseroles, other entrees, desserts!


Please place a card near your dish if it contains anything allergenic--and identify which ingredients might cause a problem. It would also be helpful to identify dishes that are gluten free or vegetarian. Please use BIG print!


We appreciate everyone’s contributions to this holiday event!!! Feel free to pitch in and help clean up! No need to wait to be asked! And please be mindful of Binkley’s composting and recycling efforts with your plates and utensils.


Plan to arrive around 6:45, so we can begin feasting at 7:00. After elections, we'll dance Everybody Tips (including the level of Plus that has been mastered by our class dancers) and Rounds the entire evening!

Bob Price and Jim Adcock will add that touch of holiday cheer!


Feel free to dress up!  Sparkle!  Don those holiday colors!

See you there!
The Executive Committee

PS If your club dues are due, please do bring a check so that Laurie can close out the year with everyone paid up to date.

Cort & Ellen, Club Secretary
Square Heels Schedule for the rest of  2 0 1 9 (things can change)
Dec 13   Bob Price caller and Jim Adcock cuer—Holiday Party!
Dec 20   Jimmy Roberson caller and Jim Adcock cuer
Dec 27   Marty Northrup caller and Jim Adcock cuer

SH class members can check out the Call Review List here.

Upcoming outside dances are listed on our web site here.

You can find out who’s scheduled to call at Square Heels each week throughout 2019 here. This weekly email message is also available on our web site. We charge guests $6 per person for dancing—the fun and friendship are included at no charge!