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Bob picked up the Square Heels microphone in 1985.

After almost four decades of Square Dance Calling, Bob is a current club caller for the Chapel Hill Square Heels (since 1985), the Durham Golden Dippers (since 1992), and Yellow Rockers of West End (since 2004).  Bob was also the club caller for the Raleigh Single Twirlers (19 years), the Cary TNT Twirlers (30 years), and the Morehead City Gulls and Buoys (11 years),

Bob and Rhea were introduced to Square Dancing in 1975.  After graduation, they were active club members and officers.  Bob participated in the Cary Cross Trailers Amateur Caller Night - and loved it!  His square dance caller internship was a “private lesson program” offered by two caller friends, Damon Coe and Max Arnold.  Bob quickly learned that becoming a caller required more than a decision to pick up the microphone — so he attended an accredited CALLERLAB Caller College, where his “caller coach” was the legendary “Big John” Kaltenthaler.

Bob belongs to the North Carolina Callers Association and is an accredited member of CALLERLAB.  In 2005, Bob was honored by CALLERLAB’s, Quarter Century Club, for twenty-five years of to service in the square dance activity.

During his many years of square dance calling, Bob has been the guest caller at countless square dance festivals and events.  During the 1980’s, Bob organized a monthly “Saturday Night Special” dance in Cary.  Bob also served as a staff caller and one of the original co-owners and managing partners of three exciting NC square dancing events: Student Jubilee, Smokey Mountain Memories, and the West End New Year’s Eve Square Dance.

Bob’s career as a recording artist began with Lightning Records, where his hit recording of  “Sea Cruise” was released in 1988.  Today Bob’s square dance music is produced by PMDO Records on the Ocean Wave label.

Bob and Rhea are tour hosts for the Square Dance Travel Club.  They have organized so many great vacation adventures for square dancers including Mystery Trips, Cruises, and the infamous Disney Train Adventure.  They also have arranged long distance bus tour vacations, which have enabled square dancers to attend many National Square Dance Conventions including the most recent one, 2015 in Springfield, MA. Square Dancers love to have fun and love to go places. Bob and Rhea believe that group travel is a perfect way to promote the fun and fellowship of square dancing.


With his new bride Janie, Jimmy Roberson started Square Dancing in 1974--just one year later he began his career as a caller. Jimmy became a Square Heels caller in 1987.

Jimmy and Janie maintain an active schedule in the square dance community!

They teach an average of four beginner classes each year.  They call for five clubs that dance in central North Carolina, averaging 24 dances a month!

In 1986, Jimmy began calling A1 and A2.  Currently he calls Plus and Advance on weekends and at festivals.

Jimmy has called in 32 states, and in 2000 he made his calling debut in New Zealand!

In 1987 he founded Lightning Records.  In June 1998 he recorded "My Rock" on  Red Boot Records.  He is currently recording with Jerry Biggerstaff on a new square dance label, Platinum Records.

Jimmy and Janie started the popular Autumn Leaves Square Up in Gatlinburg, TN, in October 1995.  This festival will only accommodate forty squares; it’s preregistration only—and it always has a Waiting List!

Jimmy and Janie have put together many bus trips and cruises with destinations like the Panama Canal and Alaska.  Their 2010 cruise will explore the Mediterranean for 15 days.

Jimmy and Janie have been President of the North Carolina Folk, Round, and Square Dance Federation for two years and President of the North Carolina Callers Association for six years. In 2004 Jimmy & Janie were inducted into the North Carolina Square Dance Hall of Fame.

Jimmy is an accredited member of CALLERLAB. He is a member of Callerlab's exclusive Quarter Century Club in recognition of outstanding service to the square dance activity. He also is a member of the South Carolina Callers Association.


Back around 1970, Jim and Priscilla Adcock ran out of excuses, and attended “greenie night” at Shallowford Squares in Elon.  They’ve been square dancing ever since!  They took beginner classes with Garland King and Mack Driver at Shallowford.  When they moved to Richmond in 1974, they danced with Tuckahoe Squares and then with Chamberlayne Squares with Jessie Shackelford.

After moving to Richmond, they began Round Dance lessons with Nancy and Jim Utley and fell in love with Round Dance!  They attended Round Dance festivals all over the US and Canada.   Even though Jim had already begun learning to be a caller, he had no doubt that his future was Rounds!

Jim and Priscilla had been dance partners since their high school days, and doing Rounds was a natural progression for them.  After he helped Nancy with her beginner class, Jim and Priscilla got hooked on teaching!  In 1976 they started a class of their own.  Soon they had two weekly Round Dance clubs in the Richmond area: a phase 2 thru 4, Rhythm Rounders Club, and a phase 4 thru 6, Rhythm Rounders Club.  They also did a monthly Friday night dance of all levels as well as cueing Saturday night dances for about eight clubs in the Richmond area. They have been on staff for many Square and Round Festivals and Round Dance Festivals and continue to do some selected festivals.

Jim and Priscilla also took International Ballroom classes from two different instructors in the Richmond area for many years and have joined many Round Dance organizations. They were presidents of the Washington, DC area Round Dance Teachers Association twice and are now Honorary members. They are also members of Roundalab International Association of Round Dance, Dixie Round Dance Council, Virginia Callers and Cuers Association, North Carolina Round Dance Association. and North Carolina Square and Round Dance Federation.

In 2006. they moved to North Carolina. They are club cuers for the Square Heels in Chapel Hill and for the Chapel Hill Basement Round Dancers.

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