Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about square dancing but were afraid to ask!

9. What is Callerlab?

Callerlab is the international association of square dance callers.  It promotes square dancing as well as establishes policies for square dancing worldwide.  Its website has many helpful links for all dancers!  Go to and see for yourself!

If you want a list of the Basic/Mainstream calls, link to Dance Programs; then select Basic/Mainstream Documents.  You’ll find the order of teaching as well as the definition of each call!  Ditto for Plus calls.  I hope you learn to love definitions—actually knowing the words that control your movement is invaluable as you perform a call!

10. Are there other web resources?

Glad you asked!  contains animations of most of the Basic, Mainstream, and Plus calls.  Let experienced dancers perform a call for you as many times as you desire! has wonderful links!  Check out “Resources”—among other things, you’ll find a link to more animations, created by Hiroshi Yaoko, a member of Tokyo Square Dance Club. 

Another animated site can be found by going to  Click on Dancing Links and then on “Have Fun Square dancing.”  You’ll enjoy Noriko Takahashi’s animations—she’s also from Japan!

However, the mother of all sites belongs to The Santa Clara Valley Callers Association.  The website has links to ALL of the aforementioned sites!!! Talk about quick n easy!  Find Learning to Dance in the left-hand box; then scroll down and click on Learning Resources. Voila!  Links to all the major websites!

I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with all these links!  If you're curious, explore!  If not, just report faithfully for Friday's Walk Thru and Class--learn to dance with angels rather than a mouse!