THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK............

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We are just hanging out at our beach condo got it back about 2 weeks ago still lots of work to do to get it the way Rhea wants it.. it has been a long time 18 months since the hurricane took it away..


All is well here we're still healthy and vertical hope you guys are healthy and vertical also..

Bob & Rhea


Jean T

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Jean T

I miss dancing and the new friends I was just beginning to get to know.

I have been doing lots of Sudoku puzzles, reading, Zoom Great Decisions discussion group meetings, and have tried my hand at learning a little (very little :>) Spanish on a website called Duolingo. The site is free and is for adults, but your grandchildren would love it also. It is very motivational. One good thing about computer learning is that it never gets frustrated with you, no matter how many times you get it wrong. It also give you high fives and hurrahs when you get a lot correct in a row.  


Hope all are well, safe, trying something new, and keeping a positive outlook!


All good things, laced with hope for a brighter tomorrow filled with close encounters of the dancing kind.

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Surprisingly (especially for me)

I miss the group.

  1. Because as an introvert, I have been training for this social distancing for decades!

  2. When dancing (or attempting to) I have not even graduated UP to two left feet.

What have I been doing?

Well, my GF teaches Yoga. So SHE talked me into something called restorative Yoga.

It consists of, once a day, laying on a bed of nails.

Crazy – yes.  But my blood pressure has plummeted.


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We are keeping busy with work, landscaping when it’s not raining, and Netflix and jigsaw puzzles when it rains. We’re also enjoying trips to the mountains for outdoor concerts and hiking. Miss everyone!

Jim & Laurie 

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These are TOMATO plants in pots! Not what you're thinking...

Our trip to Ireland got canceled so we went to Home Depot instead. It has cost us just as much.

We miss Friday nights at Square Heels!

Ellen & Cort

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Here is one of our favorite pictures from a recent trip to Hilton Head, SC.


Lots of other vacationers were there as well. We biked, hiked, and enjoyed the beach, the pool, and the wildlife.


Judy S & Jim K

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Greetings from Liberty! Laura and I are happily quarantined together and doing our jobs for Elon and Duke from home. When we do venture off the farm, it may be for an egg-delivery, a walk-around the empty Elon campus (see picture), or a shake from Cook Out.
At home, round dancing around the kitchen to "New York, New York" is fun, but not quite the same. We are thankful that all of our family looks healthy on Zoom and that we'll see our Square Heels friends "soon". 

Chris & Laura

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Here is one of my current projects - long awaited redoing. Oh how I miss Square dancing!


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Dear Friends,

When the coronavirus lockdown started, our grandsons’ daycare closed. Wanting to help we invited out daughter and our two grandsons ages 5 and 1 1/2, to live with us. Our son-in-law was working in the hospital. The kids kept us really busy for two months! Our full house has since emptied and the place seems quiet with just the two of us. Elaine quickly learned how to teach middle school students online, but now has to figure out a way to be an even better online teacher just in case that becomes necessary for the next school year. We think that our generation needs to find a way to help even while we avoid getting sick. Any ideas, let us know. Stay safe and sane and find the joy among the frustrations. Looking forward to seeing you at dance in the future!

Elaine & Rick

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Bob and I are hanging out. He is vertical and walking.


There are about 3 things I used to do that I have not been able to do: dance, swim, and church activities. Of course the library is also closed.


There is lots of yard work but it is now summer for sure. The insects are in the yard. The deck is painted. It can hold 3 squares. I am ready.

Barbara & Bob

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Ezra Banjo.jpg

Just a pickin' and a grinnin'.


Thank God for my banjo to occupy my time and help me keep my sanity during this messed up time.


I miss everyone and I really can't express how much I miss dancing. 


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After weeks of sheltering in place, we took a chance and went on a family beach trip to Ocean Isle that we had planned long before the pandemic. So far, everyone seems to have stayed COVID free. Our typical day revolves around planning our daily walk and dinner.  Pretty exciting! Stay safe! 


Looking forward to getting back on the dance floor!


                   Glen and Lynn