THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK............

Hello Fellow Dancers! 


Glen & I are writing to let you know how much we miss seeing you on Friday nights.


We have two specific updates to share. It has been decided that there will be no NC State Convention this year. The theme for the August 2021 convention will remain the same as planned for this year:   Under the Sea!


Also, we have written a Square Heels article for Promenade, the NC Federation's quarterly online magazine which is posted below.


Again, we miss you and are looking forward to dancing together again when we feel it is safe to do so.


Yellow Rocks and Stay Well,

Glen & Lynn, Club President


Promenade Article by Lynn Martin, May 18, 2020

In the pre-pandemic world of late 2019, Square Heels members enjoyed a stellar Holiday Party held on December 13th! A delicious buffet meal was served and we danced the night away to the joyous calls of Bob Price and the refined cues of Jim Adcock. During one very special tip, the calling stage was shared by four supremely talented callers: Bob Price, Vance McDaniel, David Staples, and Bo Bierley. We thank these gentlemen for such a true square dancing treat!!


In early 2020 our class members who started learning to square dance in September 2018 completed learning Plus calls and began gracing our dance floor as full-fledged Plus Dancers! We did not allow much time to pass before we hosted a Valentine’s Night Open House at which we recruited 9 new class members to start the learning cycle anew!

Then in early March, most unfortunately for all of us in the Square Dance World, the Coronavirus Pandemic reached serious proportions and Friday, March 6th was the last date on which Square Heels held our weekly evening of square and round dancing. We do not know how long it will be before we feel safe returning to the dance floor and we miss the pleasure of dancing with our many friends tremendously.

As many of you may already know, we have very sad news to share with the North Carolina square dance community. In recent months two of our most stalwart and fun-loving members died. Robert Crook died on March 31st ( and Richard Penny died on May13th ( Both of these men were enthusiastic and accomplished dancers who contributed much to their local and state dance organizations – and of course, they were our good friends.

Robert Crook served Square Heels in the role of club secretary for several years. Robert and his wife Judy loved square and round dancing so much that they converted the basement of their home into a facility that could accommodate two squares of dancers. For years they hosted square and round dancing in their remodeled recreation room. At the state level Robert and Judy served as Convention Statisticians and they coordinated the New Dancer Free Ticket Program for the State Convention. Also they graciously hosted many State Convention Committee Meetings in their specially-designed “dance-fitted” basement!

Richard Penny (with his wife Cathy) served as Presidents of the Golden Dippers Square Dance Club in Durham before becoming active members of Square Heels. Together they served as Nominations Committee Chairs of Square Heels. For many, many years, Richard generously donated beautiful plants for the main stage decorations at the State Convention and he made sure that these beautiful plants were given away to hard-working convention committee members to take home and enjoy.

Both Robert and Richard were fun-loving, generous souls who loved Square Dancing, and we miss them with all our hearts.


Please consult our website for updates about when we can return to Friday night square dancing in Chapel Hill.

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