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Marty Northrup

Marty Northrup first started square dancing September 1975 in upstate New York and began learning to call a year later. In 1999, he and his family relocated to Western North Carolina. Marty calls for many clubs throughout North and South Carolina as well as Georgia. He calls for Square Heels several times a year!


David Staples

David started square dancing in 1989 with the Square Heels in Chapel Hill.  He began his calling career in 1992 and in 1997 formed his own club, Boots & Bows, which danced until 2020.  He is a member caller lab and received his 25 year award for calling in 2017 and is BMI and ASCAP licensed.

David is a member of the NC Callers Association and currently serving a second term as Vice President.  At the 2007 National Convention in Charlotte, NC he was in charge of scheduling callers for the convention.

David has called for clubs in NC and Virginia thru the Advanced level.  He currently calls thru Plus and calls at the Square Heels several times a year.

Patty Greene.png

Patty Greene

Patty has served in leadership roles in local, regional, and national organizations since 1996. She is currently a member of the Metrolina Caller and Cuers Assn., a member of the NC Callers Assn., and program chair for the NC Square Dance Convention.


Patty and her husband Steve were the Square Dance Program Vice Chairs for the 68th NSDC in Atlanta. She served as the Chairman of the Board for CALLERLAB from 2017-2019. She began calling in New England in 1995. Patty calls for Square Heels several times a year!


Bob Price

Bob picked up the Square Heels microphone in 1985. After almost four decades of square dance calling, Bob still calls periodically for the Square Heels.


Bob belongs to the NC Callers Association and is an accredited member of CALLERLAB.  In 2005, Bob was honored by CALLERLAB’s, Quarter Century Club, for twenty-five years of to service in the square dance activity. In 2016 Bob and his wife Rhea were inducted into the NC Square Dance Federation Hall of Fame.

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