Local resources are listed first and then national web resources are listed afterwards.

The Capital Squares Square Dance Club , Raleigh, NC

The Star Twirlers Dance Club of Raleigh

Cary Cross Trailers

Boots & Bows Square Dance Club, Hillsborough, NC

Pittsboro Circle City Squares

Magic Squares, Wake Forest, NC

Triangle Square Dance Alliance

Raleigh Area Square Dance Calendar

NC Square Dance Convention, Raleigh, NC

NC Folk, Round & Square Dance Federation

Metrolina Dancers Association

Bob Price's site

Jimmy Roberson's site

71st National Square Dance Convention, Evansville, IN, June 22-25, 2022

72nd National Square Dance Convention, Mobile, AL, June 21-24, 2023

United Square Dancers of America (great information for clubs)


CALLERLAB is the the official website for square dance callers. Among many other things, it maintains a complete list of square dance definitions. contains animations of most of the Basic, Mainstream, and Plus calls.

The mother of all sites belongs to The Santa Clara Valley Callers Association

Mainstream and Plus Lessons On Line                 

Mainstream Lessons On Line