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Jim Adcock

Jim and Priscilla have been dance partners since their high school days, and doing Rounds was a natural progression for them. After they got hooked on teaching, they started a class in 1976 in Richmond, VA.

They are twice Past Presidents of the Washington, DC area Round Dance Teachers Assn. They are also members of Roundalab International Assn. of Round Dance, Dixie Round Dance Council, Virginia Callers and Cuers Assn, NC Round Dance Assn. and NC Square and Round Dance Federation.

Jim & Priscilla are the club cuers for Square Heels.

Gail Eastling.png

Gail Eastling

Gail has been cueing since 2015.  She has cued at National Square and Round Dance Conventions, a National Roundalab Convention, Hospice Dances in Raleigh and Wilmington, at the Pride RV Square and Round dance week, and for the Pipestem Fun Seekers Weekends in Pipestem, W. VA.  She is currently the full time Cuer for the Cary Cross Trailers Square and Round Dance Club in Cary, where she and Les teach beginning Round Dance.


They are members of Roundalab International Assn, NC Round Dance Assn. and NC Square and Round Dance Federation.  Gail is BMI/ASCAP licensed.

Barbara Bibb.png

Barbara Bibb

Barbara began dancing when she graduated from high school. She began her dance experiences with international folk dancing, square dancing and then added Scottish and English country dance as well. She decided to concentrate on Western Square dance and round dance when the other forms of social dance were not available.  


Barbara decided to learn to cue when she retired.  She is a past president of Square Heels and a member of Roundalab International Assn. of Round Dance and the NC Round Dance Assn. She cues for a Greensboro group, the Star Twirlers, and Square Heels where she has been a member for many years.

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